At Paradigm Marketing Group we have done all of the homework for you. Learn from our mistakes, I know that I have.  If you are truly interested in making extra money or even a full time living from the comfort of your home please know that this is really a business and you are in the drivers seat. You will only get out what you put in. Take your time and learn this business from the inside out. If you are looking for a quick fix to your financial problems this is not for you. As we become better acquainted, you will quickly learn that I am big on free stuff. Take a look at some of these websites that I will list below. Your main concern is getting traffic in front of as many people as you can regardless of whether you are promoting your own business or are trying to get involved in the affiliate marketing business . Look at these sites and sign up for them- they are all free to get started. If you find any sites that interest you and seem to produce customers for you you may want to scale up. Do not pay to join any sites until you are comfortable with the system. Also go to my website at  and navigate to the World Profit “Boot Camp Training”. It is all absolutely free and gives you a step by step training on how to be successful in this business.

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